This September The Secret Skincare Shares Insights Into The Relationship Men Have With Their Skin

  • Written by Justine Eltakchi

We all want to feel confident and know how important it is to look after our skin, but only half of us feel comfortable talking about it.


In 2021 mental health has been a hot topic, in particular, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives.


The Secret Skincare has commissioned a survey to encourage men to open up about their skin struggles in the hope that it will help break down the taboos around skincare practices for men.


Clinically designed by Perth medicos Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, The Secret Skincare is quickly gaining a devoted following all over the country with its range of highly effective personalised prescription-strength products which are measured out by hand for each individual user.


Though skin confidence is an issue for all genders, up until this point men’s concerns about their skin have been largely unexplored, with very limited avenues to address the unique problems that affect them.


“Men’s skin tends to be 25% tougher than women’s so an off the shelf product is not going to cut it,” says Dr Hurst.


“Our survey shows that men are interested in skincare - many of them are raiding their partner’s cabinets for products so it’s important for them to have access to treatments that actually work for them.”


In addition to universal concerns like ageing, acne and blemishes, skin issues such as skin tags, poor texture, spots and beard health are common concerns for men, but remain unaddressed due to a lack of readily available options for treatment.


The Secret Skincare’s preliminary findings show that:

      81% of men say ageing skin concerns them, and they are aware of wrinkles, sunspots, and pigmentation.

      64% of men surveyed admit they are self-conscious about getting older/ageing skin.

      42% of men say that their skin concerns have stopped them from joining in social situations.

As the initial findings show, the importance of clear, healthy skin extends so far as to affect men’s feelings of confidence and their desire to socialise. The Secret’s brand of bespoke prescription skincare for men is a simple, easy-to-use, three-piece range designed to tackle the most common male skin afflictions to enable men to step out into the world with utmost confidence and poise.


"I’ve never used any skincare beyond sunscreen so it did take a few days to adjust to the new skincare AM/PM routine,” says The Secret convert Jeremy, who was introduced to the brand by his wife.


“The results have been amazing - huge areas of pigmentation have cleared up across my nose and cheeks. My forehead continues to clear and the pigmentation is still lifting. I’ve noticed my skin’s texture has smoothed out and my face looks clearer," he says.


From 15 September, The Secret Skincare will donate $10 from every order to mental health charity, Gotcha4Life, until the end of the month. Each purchase includes detailed instructions and a chance for men to find expert answers to all the skincare questions they’ve always wanted to ask.


“Powerful prescription ingredients and a consultation with real doctors is a key step to help men build confidence in their journey to access better skincare,” says Dr Cohen-Jones.” 


At The Secret, we are proud to support men looking to take care of themselves a bit more. There’s no reason why men need to miss out on having good skin. We believe skincare is for everyone.”


The Secret Skincare men’s range includes the Men’s Essentials set, which contains the Cellular Repair Night Cream (50ml), Day Brightening Elixir (50ml) and the Eye Treatment, the Men’s Day Set and the Men’s Night Set. All products can also be purchased individually.