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Cooler Weather Deck Tips

  • Written by Scene Magazine

It’s no secret that Aussies love entertaining family and friends all year round, especially outdoors! And we’ll be doing more at-home entertaining as entertainment costs rise with inflation this year. 

Even in the cooler months, we like to spend time gathered on a back deck, by the pool or in the garden, with many constantly on the lookout for new ways to invigorate the look and feel of their outdoor space each year.

No matter how you use your outdoor area, there are plenty of ways to liven it up. Here, we have broken down three unique and easy ways to make your backyard do more for you.

Rod Schiefelbein is the Australian market manager for Trex decking. He has been in the Australian commercial and residential building industry for over three decades.


We’re lucky in Australia that our cooler weather isn’t too harsh, meaning that we’re able to head outside and enjoy quality time outdoors no matter what the calendar month. This season especially, many Aussies are leaning into the idea of setting up a fire pit at home to warm up cooler nights. Fire pits bring an alternate place to gather in the home, for all major celebrations, in the cosiest of ways – plus there’s the added benefit of home cooking over a deliciously warm fire! 

Fire pits can become the centre of your backyard, or they can sit off to the side for a secluded and romantic chill-out zone. Huddle with the family under cosy blankets and make s’mores with the kids, have date night with your partner, celebrate with your friends, or you can even pretend you’re camping and try making some fire-friendly recipes such as meat and veggie kebabs, damper or ham & cheese toasties.

To take your outdoor space to the next level, why not introduce a pizza oven? You can buy affordable fire pits in Bunnings for quite low prices, which make them a great option to gather the family and huddle around the warmth. They’re usually raised on legs so you can place them anywhere on the lawn – just be sure to move it around as you use it, so the lawn continues to thrive beneath. Pizza ovens are becoming more portable, not needing to be built-in to the home any longer. Again, you can find these from various homewares and outdoor stores. Making the dough in the kitchen and then heading outdoors with all the toppings to see the kids make their own dinner is too good – the perfect way to spend a cooler weekend at home!


For those with a green thumb, a great way to take your outdoor setting up a notch is to repurpose any discarded outdoor materials such as excess decking by using it to create a potting bench or a veggie garden – something that you can use year-round to grow your own plants and veggies (and then put those on the aforementioned pizzas!).

Not only is a potting bench made from recyclable materials an innovative upcycling initiative, this darling addition to your outdoor living space will act as a one stop shop for all of your gardening needs. Think; watering cans, soil, pot plants and gloves. Plus, they’re good on the lower back – enabling you to create new seedlings without bending, over and over. 

If it’s a veggie garden you’re after, off-cuts from timber decking or metal sheeting can be formed into raised garden beds in the backyard (again, good for the back). Before you start, understand where your garden gets the best sun and what you want to grow – this will help determine the location of your veggie garden. Then, simply build them up to a large size, approximately 3-4 board lengths in height and rectangular in structure.

Waterproof your veggie garden by fill the structure with a black tarp or corflute, and then start layering your soil for best results. I like to use old recycled cardboard box pieces at the base, cover this with pebbles or other rocks that allow water drainage, top this with a mix of rich, crumply loam soil and compost, and then start planting my veggies of choice!

Be sure to read the instructions on how to best plant your fruit and vegetables, as they’ll note how much of a gap to keep between each seedling, to ensure sufficient growth.  



Box seats are growing in popularity, especially where outdoor storage is not readily available. Often, they’re created with swing lids that hide storage underneath, allowing for a special place to hide outdoor blankets, cushions and even kids’ toys. For a seamless look, they can be made with the same materials as your Trex deck, making them a gorgeous addition to the outdoor entertaining area. Families love them for hiding storage and extra seating while they’re also great for couples who like to huddle together on a seat for warmth and comfort in cooler weather. If you’re an outdoor entertainer, box seats are also a great option as you can easily reinvigorate them by switching out the soft furnishings – using cushions and throws in warmer colours during winter, or cool blues and greens in summer.

There is no shortage of ways to accessorise your box seats. Why not have a seat cushion custom-made or use throw cushions? You may even wish to hide throws underneath and pull them out in the evening, place outdoor heaters nearby, and always keep a book within close reach.

There are really easy ways Australians can increase their home’s resale or leasing value ahead of putting it on the market, by landscaping the outdoors. Building a long-wear, wood-composite deck is a great option for those looking to rent-out their home, as it will look great after years of foot traffic, as opposed to traditional timber which can rot or split. Switching out soft furnishings ahead of sale for some that are on-trend will draw a potential buyer’s eye. Adding a box seat that offers storage is another selling point for renters and buyers alike.