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What Makes a GOOD House Painter. Perth Experts Tell

Noticing lots of houses up for sale around your area? What do they all have in common? Chances are, it’s a lick of paint. But there’s a difference between a good house painter and a great one. When it comes to sorting out the good, the bad and the ugly house painters, Perth property owners need to know these things before they make the decision to give their house a facelift, be it to style, sell or stay. 

Good house painters are hard to come by, great ones even harder.  Good house painters in Perth have come and gone over the years and if you have been in the industry for long enough, there's a thing or two to be learned. 

Bad house painters? We’ve seen them around!

When assessing the market of people who are looking for good house painters, Perth clients who centre their decision around price tend to run into the most problems.

There are quite a few cowboys out there who make a living out of under-quoting the professionals. But when that undercoating they’re doing settles, the proof lies in the pudding. A supposed cost-saving measure made in the short term ends up costing you, the homeowner, the big bucks when it comes time to reassess and sort the job out. 

What can bad house painting look like?

It’s certainly not as simple as a few brush strokes out of place here and there. Bad house painters can leave you with much more than a head shake at an off colour match. Sloppy paintwork and poor quality, watered-down paint that washes off after the first open house will leave you out of time and out of pocket.

Certainly, looking bad or unprofessional is up there. Consider the owner trying to sell their house – a coat of paint can make all the difference when it comes to getting the offer they’re chasing.  If you have to call in another company to fix up their mistakes, then you’re paying double for what should have been a professional job done correctly in the first place. 

Can it be dangerous?

Good house painters know how to work safely and efficiently. Making a poor selection compromises the safety of you and yours as well as potentially flying in the face of established OH & S practices. Cutting costs in the short term? Not a great idea. 

Finding GOOD house painters in Perth

It’s not all doom and gloom! There are steps you can take to find a professional house painter in your area.

  • Get the names of at least three painters listed with  Master Painters Association in your area
  • Get the names of several Dulux accredited painters in your area.
  • Interview the recommended painters over the phone.  Strike painters off the list that don’t show the appropriate amount of interest or leave you with a feeling of confidence.
  • Compare quotes when you get them. Look at the inclusions and exclusions very carefully to be confident that you won’t be left with an unexpected expense at the end of the job.

A good house painter will be happy to:

  • come to your home/site and provide an on-site estimate – this is the only way to give an accurate quote;
  • provide evidence that they are appropriately registered and insured;
  • give you referrals from at least two past customers;
  • provide a guarantee of workmanship.