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Is Sydney Australia a hub for men's fashion?

  • Written by Scene Magazine

Australian males are now just as knowledgeable about autos and surf currents as about materials and cuts. In Australia, where men's sartorial prowess has never been strong, the internet's accessibility has unquestionably helped. Men in Australia have a well-deserved reputation for toughness and frankness. Stoic, earthy type, the men of this town prefer the tried-and-true when it comes to dressing up. With regards to shopping, Australian men are creatures of habit. Big international brands are their favourite place to shop, and also Australian online casino have garnered quite a reputation along the line.

Nowadays, businesses are addressing the demands of a new generation of Australian men by creating an image that isn't based on fair dinkum stereotypes or aimed at a global audience. To take advantage of the growing fashion interest of Australian men, tailoring shops and menswear boutiques are springing up all over Sydney. Here is a list of Australian menswear companies shaping Australian men's fashion.


Unlike a curated shop where a wide range of brands from around the world is available, Belance does not do this. Elegant gowns, casual suits, and business suits are the specialty of this high-end boutique. Be it the coat or suit you are looking for, this is the place to go for custom-tailoring. This Paddington boutique also has ready-to-ship jeans and sunglasses, which is a terrific bargain.

The Subtype

If you are looking for the world's most sought-after sports footwear and fashion trends, here is the place to go. The most popular model from Nike, Adidas, E.T.Q., Filling Pieces, and Onitsuka are all worth a look if you're a sneaker head looking to improve your game.


Since Joe Farage first opened in Sydney in1998, he has made it a mission to offer high-quality suits at an affordable price. The brand has maintained its commitment to quality and speed-to-market throughout the year by maintaining its production facility in the United states. As one of the city's first suiting businesses, Joe Farage's has had a significant impact.

Crane brothers are two of Crane's siblings

Crane brothers are New Zealand-based retailers with outposts in Auckland, Wellington, and Sydney. A former Zambezi menswear designer, Murray Crane, launched Crane Brothers, which sells a selection of ready-to-wear and custom-made suits made by master tailors in their New York City studio. Jordan Gibson, Gubb & Mackie, a more casual line, is the latest addition to the Cranes Brothers family of companies, borrowing from the Cranes Brothers' tailoring expertise but slightly industrial style.

P.M.A Sydney's Menswear District

P.M.A has established a name for itself in Sydney as a source for cutting-edge streetwear from designers like wood and kitsune since opening the second location in Darlinghurst. From clothes and jewellery to pottery and books, you'll find an eclectic variety of items in this shop.


Denham believes that denim is an art form that encompasses the United states and japan, emphasising high-quality heritage and workwear pieces of the highest quality. There's something for everyone at this Pitt Street Mall denim store, which carries a wide variety of designs and fits. On-site tailoring coats, shirts, caps, and slacks are available at the Myers store.

In addition to the places listed is ‘one point seven four.’ A stunning eyewear boutique features Alexander Wang, Kris Van, former Zambezi space on Glen-more Road, Paddington. The boutique also has 24-carat gold plated titanium, buffalo horn, and snakeskin, an alternative to mass stores.