WOW Pictures enriching ecommerce value for clients

  • Written by Diane Falzon

WOW Pictures, one of Australia’s premium photography and video studios, is leading the charge as exceptional image creators, being a pivotal ingredient in the eCommerce-driven marketing toolkit’s content creation strategy for their clients.


With Ecommerce demand reaching  an all-time high globally, COVID lockdowns around the world are seeing retailers’ online channels take off, with selling via Ecommerce as one of their principal channels. There has never been a more pertinent time for retailers to embrace a digital transformation strategy than right now.


The multi-sensory approach customers have come accustomed to in-store, now needs to be transcended in merchandising with retailers online.  And that is driven to creating enticing images for consumers to buy.  This not only aligns with the brand’s strategy but to also enhance the customer experience.  Static and clinical images simply do not cut it anymore.


WOW Pictures, with nine studios in Collingwood and the latest in Fitzroy, gets this in spades. With  an in-house photographic crew of four, and working with the industry’s best stylists, hair and makeup artists, WOW Pictures is the only visual content maker in Australia who has all the resources and expertise under the one roof – creating a melting pot of premium offerings to their 20-strong client base.


The dynamic duo leading the charge at WOW Pictures is seasoned photographer and businessman, Geoff Rozario and partner Jo Rozario, whose previous roles included Group Managing Director, Ogilvy Group Melbourne and Managing Partner M&C Saatchi.  Jo and Geoff’s diverse skillsets and significant experience have ultimately formed the tour de force for WOW Pictures, driving the business in creating outstanding eCommerce visual content efficiently, cost effectively and with ease for their clientele base.


According to Geoff Rozario, some in the industry may perceive shooting eCommerce imagery as ‘at the coal face’ and not viewed as particularly creative. However, with the importance and relevance of this channel continually evolving, WOW Pictures elevates the quality of every eCommerce image created.


“We shoot eCommerce with an ‘editorial’ bent, using fluid photography techniques and storytelling that aligns to the brand principles and strategy.  That intimacy and dynamism that WOW Pictures injects in all our images sets the tone for the brands we help to build.  The competitive landscape today is more driven than ever, so it has never been a more important time to draw a line across the sand with average online content and amplify our picture quality for our clientele and ultimately, the consumer.”


“We have to remember that consumers are buying off the page. Product image, detail, colour correct, lifestyle and inspiration.  They all play a significant role in making the sale. Retailers who don’t get this will simply lose sales when consumers don’t see the quality of the product in the image.


“At Wow Pictures, we are incredibly lucky to be working with such progressive retailers as clients such as The Just Group which includes brands Dotti, Portmans, Just Jeans, Jacqui E, Jay Jays, Smiggle and Peter Alexander, who understand and embrace the ‘value’ of the image that they post online.


“Our photographers’ dedication to their craft and their technical expertise is what is at the heart of producing great results for our clients.


“Today, everyone with a phone thinks they can shoot photos, or think they can leave it to machine technology.  The reality is that it is the intricate craft of lighting that makes or breaks great image results. The days of eCommerce imagery being ‘ throw-away’ shots is long gone.” Geoff adds.


Geoff finds it astounding that a client wants to sell an expensive fashion garment or shoe but is creating the image on an automated machine or is using an inexperienced photographer or crew.


“The question to be asked is how many sales are they losing because the savvy consumer thinks the product looks cheaper than the price point being presented,” Geoff adds.


“Any client can think that a cheaper, average image can do the job – but they need to ensure they add in the ‘brand’ quotient to the strategy. What decline in brand health is being caused by substandard representation of their product?”


“Our clients become immersed in the image-making process at WOW Pictures– whether it is soaking up the atmosphere in our beautiful bespoke studios, working closely with our leading photographers, including Camilo Mateus and Kirsty Owen, as well as making the image creation process simply joyful for all involved.  Our studios are the beating hearts of WOW Pictures, where our personalised approach has seen us work alongside loyal clients for more than a decade.  That is a testament to our commitment in creating and consolidating authenticity in our partnerships and their brands.” Geoff adds.


“It is that positivity and intimacy which WOW Pictures is famous for, which is then translated into the finished product – images which celebrate and strengthen brands, and where eCommerce can thrive.


“If a picture is still worth a thousand words then every picture better be a bloody good one.”