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Turn the style dial this Autumn

  • Written by Diane Falzon

It might be getting cooler outside, but that’s more the reason to turn up the style barometer inside! From warm bronze hues to sophisticated citruses, you can create your own Autumn enclave for each room, making them opulent and inviting.


Henley Design Manager, Vicki Gillingham, shares her insights in why Autumn is a great season to be inspired by to decorate and style your home.


Go rustic and golden


Shades of autumn such as golden yellows, oranges and deep reds are warm and inviting.  You don’t have to further than your own backyard to view the majestic sites of autumn leaves to get inspiration.


“Nothing says glamour more than a peppering of burnt orange and red soft furnishings against the foundation of earthy tones and inviting lattes.  Consider adding a variety of textures, to build on depth and warmth.  And why not add a bit of gold touches in vases with dried floral arrangements, to amplify the elegance.”


Get cosy with natural hues


So, what’s else on the colour horizon this Autumn?  A blend of natural fibres such as jute or kaza, including delicious beiges and chocolate browns – especially for the bedroom and living areas. 


“Consider adding a mix of towels and scented candles with warmer spiced aromas in your bathroom in burgundy and shades of chocolate.”


A touch of timber


Lighten the mood of a room by instilling deeper tones against a gentler background of neutrals, such as warmer whites and luscious lattes, as well as natural timbers and stone.


A small amount of teak timbers are being used this Autumn to add that extra sense of warmth to a home.  Rather than timber being the major element in the room, why not try it out subtly in art frames, side tables and décor.


Beige is not boring


Creams and beiges continue to be popular in 2021.  Use the palest of browns or chocolates in your living areas to add that touch of warmth and tranquillity to your interior.


Laminate flooring in light timber hues, especially in the main living areas, are right on trend and they are much warmer than tiles, giving them the trend and comfort advantage.  Plush carpets in lighter tones, with a thicker underlay for luxury, are also the perfect underfoot choice for cooler Autumn evenings.


Decorate with flexibility in mind


Selecting neutral colours allows you the flexibility and freedom to change accessories easily and more affordably to accommodate seasonal styles and emerging trends.  By simply changing cushions, artwork, throws and even moving around furniture, you can create a totally different feel to your home.