Hair and H20

  • Written by Cara Barilla, Hair, Beauty and wellness Educator

The regular cycle of hair, skin and nails can be affected by our environmental factors, the manner in which we treat our hair, and particularly the products we open our hair to making contact with.

With regards to washing our hair; the different water temperatures has a crucial influence to the surface and strength of our hair.

Water temperatures around tepid is viewed as ideal for washing and flushing the hair as it assists help with adjusting the hair, fingernails & skin and maintaining extra strength.

In various parts of the world, we need to factor in that new water we open ourselves to can be unsafe to ingest and to leave on our skin.

When travelling, attempt to restrict your shower time to half and ensure the nature of your hair and face by applying a saturating hair treatment salve to your finishing regime, and a ph adjusting lotion and toner to your skin. With out doing this you might actually be inclined to sensitivities, breakouts, lack of hydration, untimely maturing, wrinkles, weak hair, premature hair loss, low quality hair and skin, skin pigmentation and irritation.

When at home for more predictable healthy hair and skin results, try to place an organic hair and skin regime in with your daily routine which includes applying pure organic essential oils, micellar water and oil soaking into your hair and skin.

Applying coconut oil on your face and/ or body can help your natural skin balance as it contains natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

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