5 Tips To Help You Finally Ditch The Tobacco And Quit Smoking For Good

  • Written by Eric Chan, Head of Pharmacy at Blooms The Chemist

Despite tobacco smoking being widely known as the leading cause of preventable diseases and death in Australia, an estimated 11.6% of adults still smoke daily . In fact, on average daily smokers puff about 12.3 cigarettes per day, which totals close to 4,500 cigarettes a year. However, it’s not all bad news, with statistics showing a decline in the rate of smoking over the past three decades. We sat down with Eric Chan, Head of Pharmacy for Blooms The Chemist, who shared 5 easy ways to quit smoking once and for all.


  1. Put a Plan in Place

According to Eric Chan, one of the best and most effective ways to quit smoking is to put a plan in place from the start. Blooms The Chemist pharmacies have smoking health check services available, which help you design a quit smoking plan. Eric says putting a clear quit date in your plan is the key to success, giving quitters a distinct finish line as their end goal. The particulars around the personalised steps and methods involved, like whether you will likely decrease your cigarette consumption over a period of time or abruptly quit from the outset, fall within this end date. “Research shows us that abrupt quitting and reduced smoking have similar quit rates in the long term and therefore I would suggest picking the option that is going to suit you the best. You also need to consider whether you will be using nicotine replacement therapies on your journey and who will be supporting you,” says Eric.


  1. Avoid potential triggers


“Triggers and cravings are a normal part of quitting smoking even if you have been ‘smoke’ free for an extended period of time”, says Eric. He notes that most triggers fall into one of the following categories – emotional, pattern, social and withdrawal. Some emotional triggers may include heightened feelings of anxiety, stress, boredom, satisfaction or excitement. “Pattern triggers pertain to habitual smoking after certain activities including finishing a meal, driving, work breaks or drinking alcohol, whereas some social triggers can include attending social gatherings at bars and clubs and seeing someone else smoke in these spaces.” Eric suggests getting to know your triggers so you can understand how to avoid or deal with them in the best way.


  1. Delay your cravings


In order to gain control over your tobacco and nicotine cravings, find ways to fill your time and delay them from occurring. Eric suggests finding something to do like investing time in a hobby or connecting your family and friends to distract help distract you from lighting up. Some quick ways to delay any cravings include distracting your taste buds with a snack or a piece of gum, watching a movie, or chat to a friend on the phone. By delaying your next potential cigarette, you might just find the sensation eases or entirely subsides.


  1. Get Active


One of the best ways to curb your craving is to get outside and get moving. “Exercise is known to dramatically decrease stress and anxiety levels and often when people begin to crave a cigarette, these are the underlying triggers as to why,” says Eric. Exercising provides a great outlet to tackle these intense emotions and replaces it with a much healthier alternative. Being active also puts a physical buffer between you and your triggers which will help with managing cravings.


  1. Reach Out for Support


A strong support system is vital to quitting smoking for good. We all know quitting smoking is no easy feat, so having the right support in place will set you up to succeed. Eric notes that there are many different types of support on offer for people to utilise on their quitting journey. “At Blooms The Chemist, we offer consultations for people who are in need of assistance to kick start and implement their quitting plans.” Other places that offer support include:

  • iCanQuit

  • QuitCoach

  • MyQuitBuddy

  • NSW Quitline 13 78 48


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