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Eco-friendly Absodry Moisture Absorber fits perfectly in the home

The quality of the air we breathe is an important determinant of health and wellbeing. Poor indoor air quality, caused in part by dampness and mould, is recognised globally as a common problem and a major cause of ill health.  With Australians spending about 90% of their time indoors, the need to reduce dampness and mould in homes is increasingly important.

Moulds, are present virtually everywhere and will grow in homes when it is provided with the right conditions. For example, in areas where cold, darkness and dampness are constantly present and the area is poorly ventilated or heating is not adequate. Mould can grow on and in food, furniture, fabrics, carpets, walls and timber. Condensation also promotes conditions suitable for the growth of mould. When water vapour is present in the air, it travels throughout the house and when coming in contact with cooler surfaces, condenses. Common places for condensation to occur are windows and bedrooms as well as corners of rooms where air movement is less and the air is cooler.

Removing moist air and humidity from your home, and replacing with drier air can be achieved by better ventilation of the home or if this isn’t possible, a quality moisture absorber to de-humidify areas or rooms where moisture is a problem.

The Absodry Duo Family Moisture Absorber is an elegant moisture absorbing solution designed to efficiently pull excess moisture from the air and prevent mould and bad odours. Designed and manufactured in Sweden using over 94% recycled plastic and featuring a stylish Scandinavian look and feel, they blend seamlessly into any room.

Each Moisture Absorber includes 600g of moisture-absorbing crystals, capable of lasting up to three months depending on humidity levels and location. The ultra-absorbent calcium chloride inside the bag pulls excess moisture from the surrounding air which is then converted into water, reducing humidity wherever it is located. Absodry Moisture Absorbers are refillable, and feature an easy-to-read liquid indicator and drainage hole for easy emptying, making them an eco-friendly option for households.

Bringing a contemporary twist to an everyday essential, the Scandi minimalist designed Absodry Moisture Absorbers are available in three premium colour options – blue, green and dark grey.

Ideal for places with high humidity, around the home, in storage areas or offices, Absodry Moisture Absorbers are designed with sustainability in mind, to maintain a comfortable environment while also looking the part.

Absodry Moisture Absorbers are $34.95, Refills $14.95 and available at Bunnings Warehouse.

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