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Beyond the Gym : Unitree Pump Your Portable Gym Exercise Gadget

  • Written by Scene Magazine

In the era of the fitness enthusiast’s world, setting a gym routine is always considered as a first step. However, managing time for the gym is a next-level struggle, especially when having a hectic work schedule. Most of us give up on the  idea of joining a gym  due to the time required for travelling . If you are struggling with this dilemma, a home gym equipment is always the best solution. All you need is a Unitree Pump in your home gym - very portable, easy to use, and allows you to perform the maximum workout you do with gym equipment.

Unitree Pump is a smart all-in-one portable gym device with which you can perform leg workouts, pump up your arm muscles, get a toned and flat tummy, and, of course, a nice hourglass body. Whatever your circumstances might be, this portable device fits your space nicely and allows you to work anywhere and anytime. And guess What ? You do not need to travel and go to the gym. Continue regarding to learn more about portable gym exercise gadgets.

Unitree Pump : A Smart Approach to Follow Workout Regime

Unitree pump is a specifically designed motor-powered workout device with which you can perform your daily  workout. It comes with a resistance band, a suction cup, a travel-friendly bag, and, of course, a motor pump that gives maximum resistance. An exceptional thing about the unitree pump is you get an option to choose between concentric and eccentric resistance. You can customise your workout to burn more calories to get a toned body. Moreover, you can also customise the resistance form 11-44 Ibs and ratio between 0-50% concentration. 

On the other hand,the eccentric mode is opposite to the concentric resistance. It gives two times more burn when you release the resistance weight and gives you more power to pump up your muscles. Beyond muscles, Unitree Pump lets you select the weight you spread from lift to release.

Safety at Its Peak - Unitree  Pump is All You Need

The Unitree Pump comes with pull-up ropes and a motor control that offers great Precision to pull up the motor at a steady, slow pace.

Furthermore, you get a suction Pump pair and cable hook that gives you additional stability when pulling or releasing weight, as well as avoiding the risk of injuries and burns. In the meantime, the patented more is particularly designed for a prolonged lifespan,so this is going to be a safe investment and let you save the cost you invest in gym memberships.

Unitree Pump : Portable Gym Partners That Give 360- Degree Exercise Benefits

What types of exercise can we do with a resistance band- Unitree Pump? The simplest answer is all types of workouts you do with barbell rods, dumbbells, cable extensions, and heavy machine equipment that does not even fit into your space. Unitree pump is your perfect gym partner that allows you to achieve maximum resistance.  

. The ergonomic design makes it convenient for your partner to exercise the way you want. It  is compact, easy to set up, and comfortable, giving you the perfect grip.

.  The bundle of suction pumps and resistant bands lets you do homework with ease. A simple tutorial is given in the exercise video that gives you more information about the Unitree pump.

Unitree Pump : Access to Fitness Community through App

The best part about this home gym portable equipment is you get access to the fitness app for free. The  fitness app gives you access to 100+ exercise tutorials so you can personalise your exercise according to your body. The Pump fitness app also enables you to track your work progress and recommends training to find weak spots.

The built-in fitness games in the Fitness app are ideal for you if you become tired of the same old boring activities. Our fitness games depend on conventional weight training, in contrast to other games that primarily emphasise aerobic activity. They are made to keep you interested and pushing yourself each time you begin a workout. Additionally, the internet platform enables PUMP users to exchange images, advice, and encouragement, keeping you inspired and teaching you how to make the most of your PUMP.

In a Nutshell

 Unitree Pump is a portable home gym exercise  partner that gives you the benefit of a gym without fail. It is very easy to set up and allow weight training, making it ideal to do all types of workouts. Now, exercise always seems to be exciting, and time-consuming. Most importantly, you can do a workout from wherever you want.