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The Warning Signs of Rat Infestation

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Rats are one of the most common pests in homes. They can invade your home through any opening, including vents, windows, and doors. If you see any indications of rats in your home, it's essential to call a professional rat pest control service right away.

This blog post will discuss what to look for if you suspect rats in your house and how to take care of them once they're found.


1. Seeing rats or mice during the day.

Have you ever seen a rat or mouse in your home during the day? This is a sign that you have an infestation on your hands. This is because these rodents are nocturnal and will only be out at night if they look for food, water, or a place to hide. 

If you see one during the day, it's likely because something is attracting them to your house: food sources like spoiled leftovers in the kitchen; access points under doors or along walls, or nesting areas where they can raise their young without being bothered by predators.

Once you've seen the evidence of a rat infestation, call a mice control Perth service immediately. 


2. Seeing rats' droppings.

Rats leave many telltale signs as they run through your home or business. 

The most obvious indicator of a rat problem is seeing rat droppings. These are dark and about the size of a grain of rice, often found near food sources such as pet food, garbage cans, kitchens, and pantries. 

They're also frequently found in places where rats deposit urine—under appliances like stoves or refrigerators. They're also found in corners where there are no light fixtures, along walls near doors and windows, and under furniture where rats hide during daylight hours. 

You can also find rat droppings along baseboards near staircases leading down into basements—and just about anywhere else that people aren't likely to look too closely. 


3. Hearing scratching sounds on the walls.

Many rodents make noise when they run around inside walls and ceilings, but rats are probably the most common culprits. Rats also make loud squeaking noises when they climb on objects or chew through materials like insulation or wood panelling.

If you hear sounds like these, please contact a rat control service.


4. Noticing damage to electrical wiring.

Damaged wiring is one of the most common signs of a rat infestation. Rats chew through wires as they travel through your home, looking for food sources. 

In addition, rats gnaw on plastic and rubber tubing to supply power to appliances such as refrigerators or freezers. If you find that there are holes in your wiring or if any of it appears chewed on, then it's likely that there are rats in your walls or attic space, and you need pest control Perth.


5. Seeing burrows or nests on your property. 


If you see burrows or nests on your property, these are signs of an active rat infestation. These tunnels allow the rats to move around and stay hidden from humans. 

The nests are where they sleep and give birth to their young. Rats often set up homes close to food sources. When this happens in your home or office, it's usually a sign that there's been some sort of larger problem in the area—a rat infestation. 

Our best advice is for you to search on Google for rat pest control near me. You'll find a company that will help you out.


If you see any signs of rat infestation, it's time to act. The rats have already nested on your property and can cause serious damage. They can also carry diseases that could affect you or your family. The best thing you can do is call a rat control service right away so they can come out and remove the pests.